Our highly-trained staff processes more than 200 specimens per day and performs more than 500,000 tests annually. Testing is performed in the following areas:

Clinical Chemistry
Transfusion Medicine
Drugs of Abuse
Therapeutic Drug Levels

Our laboratory also performs pre-employment, random and post-accident C.O.C. and D.O.T. urine drug screen collections and provides urine drug screen collection and testing services to many local businesses.

We also offer an easy way to play a more active role in your personal health and wellness through our DirecTest program. DirecTest is a "direct access testing" program designed for patients to have laboratory testing performed without a physician order at a reduced cost. From cholesterol to drug screening, we offer a program you can use at your convenience. Testing includes:

Lipids (total choloesterol, triglycerides, HDL & LDL-cholesterol)
Urine Drug Screening
Blood Typing
Liver Function
Kidney Function
Blood Sugar
Diabetes Screening
Many Other Options